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Monitor Archive for October 29, 1998

A New Look at Mary Baker Eddy
Status Quo - or Surprises?
The New Gilded Age
Sounds of Autumn Color
The Best Time to Be Bovine
The Fading Light of Icons From the 1980s
B. Priebe of Milwaukee, Wis., asks, 'Whatever happened to ...?' That Sunken Soviet Nuclear Sub
A War in Africa Recalls August 1914 in Europe
Can India Stay True To Gandhi?
Instant Messaging Software Is Hot
A Radical Proposal to Give Parents Control of Schools
Focus In on Wisconsin
Nature's Trick Is No Treat for a City That Put Flavor in Chocolate Bars
New York's Politics of the Future Not a Pretty Picture
A Writer's Journey to a New Land and a New Language
A Chapel Of Leaves
News In Brief
A Lesson From Ducks
Space on a Shoestring: NASA Reinvents Itself
The Corrosive Effects of Gambling
It Takes All of Phoenix to Fight Crime
Looking for God In Angola State Prison
The Powerful And Powerless
The Precarious Strength of Civil Liberties
Can Respite in Kosovo Renew US Push for Peace?
Internet's Illusion of Intimacy Leaves a Lot of Red Faces
Glenn Legacy: Right Stuff Becomes Ordinary?
Battle to Be Education Champ
Milosevic's Troubles At Home
America's Migrant Farm Workers Endure Invisible Struggle