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Monitor Archive for October 27, 1998

Pork on Parade
A November Vote for Outrage
Turnout by Senior Citizens Could Tilt Elections
Dublin Viewers Say 'No Irish TV for Me!'
Six Simple Steps Help Children Get Organized
Brandeis University: Hitting Top Form in Just 50 Years
Signs of End to Decades-Long Prison Boom
Crime and Voting
Ranking Cities Through Women's Eyes
What Makes Principals Stay In Challenged School Systems
Principals Have More to Do, Less Power
In Ever-Changing Workplace, Two-Year Colleges Fill Niche
East German Kitsch Now a Collector's Item
Ethnic Albanian Kids Want School in Refugee Camp
Behind the Scenes at a Shadow Theater
How the Mideast Deal Helps Palestinians Where They Live
TECHNOLOGY IN Education School Needs: Basic? Or Mega-Giga-Cool?
The Used-Textbook Game: Campus Stores Buy Low, Sell High
French Chef Stirs Up Space Food
CIA's New Mideast Role: Referee
News In Brief
In the Game of Politics, Some Are Playing Nice
Are You Cranky Today?
Public School Exit Visas
Shaking Things Up