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Monitor Archive for October 23, 1998

More Hambaagaa, Less Sushi: Japan Chows Down Western Food Postwar prosperity is partly to blame.
In Bahston, the Accent Is on Attracting Moviemakers
Sports 101
E-Mail Culture Goes to Court
What's On TV
Weighing US Bid To Oust Saddam
Glenn Flight: Made for TV
When Hollywood Comes to Town
Deadbeat Uncle
News In Brief
Kenya Brides That Can't Be Bought: A Few Begin to Fight a Tradition
Talk to Kids. It Works
Kosovars Return, Find Serbs
Black Men Hit Hard by Voting Bans for Convicts
How to Judge A Candidate In 50 Words or Less
A Reason to Look Forward to Falling Back
Why Mideast Talks Are Key for Clinton
Spacecraft Bridges Gap Between Science Fiction and Reality
A Stranger, a Brother,A Hero Named Rudy
What the Sorbonne Doesn't Know About Scythes
A Safe Journey
Take an Old Cherry Table
The Monitor Movie Guide
Superstar Sharon Stone Turns Into 'Mighty' Mom
America's Great Swing Region
Pinochet: Cold War Relic
Harvest, With Help From Congress
Spotlight on Killing of Women for 'Family Honor'
'Straight to Video' Picks Up Steam
Documentaries: Suddenly Chic
When the Underdogs Have Their Day