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Monitor Archive for October 16, 1998

The Monitor Movie Guide
Bean(ie) Counters
Two Sons, Two Cars, One Lesson
Arm-Wrestling Congress, Clinton Shows Strength
New England's Silent Fireworks
CD Reviews
New York's 'Meet the Composer' Program Lands in Watts
Germany's New Leaders: Fast Start in First Big Test
Global Economy, Meet Brazil
Autumn Art
Winning Ways of US Science
World Series Subplot: Homeless Teams
Rebels Take Key Town, May Win New Ally in Central Africa
Readers Disc-cover Desert Island Hideaway!
Microsoft in Court: Cyber-Industry Comes of Age
The NBA Feud: Through a Looking Glass
Journalism on the Precipice
Two Movies Root For High Ideals and Honesty
My Slice Of the Big Apple
A Little Dab'll Make Your Hair Sticky
Post-Cold-War Bust
Casting Stones
Power Struggle in Iran Clouds View for US Policymakers
Bathed in Glossy Colors, 'Beloved' Lacks Bite
Activism Is Entertainers' New Role
Smoking, Drinking, Kids
Affirmative Action's Future on Line in Washington State
What's On TV
Yes to Art, No to Gangs
Sports 101
News In Brief