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Monitor Archive for October 13, 1998

Weighing In On Diversity
Happy New Year, Now!
Up Against The Wall
An African Survivor Now Faces Fight for Security
Into The Eye Of A Hurricane
Latinos Find New Paths To Power
News In Brief
The New Mercenaries
A Case for Race-Sensitive College Admissions
Changing Careers Is Hard Work, Not to Be Taken for Granted
Can Congress Steer Past a Searing Choice?
Battling Internet Pornography, One Web Site at a Time
New Clout of the 'Comfortable'
The Scramble to Find a Fix
Fixing Global Finance
Bacon, Eggs, and Fresh Ideas
Feeling Jumpy About Careers?
Have Fraternities Improved? Non-Greeks Say 'Yes'
Facing Airstrikes, Serbs Tighten Grip on Airwaves
Fraternities Come Clean
How Hit on Bin Laden Set Dangerous Standard
Why Court Has Become L.A.'s New Pollution Cop