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Monitor Archive for October 1, 1998

Fit to Be Tied
Nature Preserves Proliferating in US
Can Nature's Lion Lie Down With Religion's Lamb?
Redefining Australia Takes A Backseat for This Election
Throwing the Book at Children's Television
A History of Anti-Communist Paranoia
The Rule Known Around the World
Modest Proposals for Increasing Civility in Election Season
Strategies for Taming The Media Beast
McCarthyism Still Generates Great Stories
News In Brief
Librarians Aim For Civility
Doubts on Halting S. Asian Arms Race
The King Was in His Counting House...
Earth's Alarm Calls For Deeper Values
The Name Is the Same
I Packed My Trunk For an Elephant Ride
Walker's Latest Gives More Heat Than Light
A reader in Boston asks, 'Whatever happened to ...?' The Care Bears
Amid Global Crisis, Fed Tries Leading by Example
A Family Captured in the Destiny Of Whites and Native Americans
A Ball and a Bat: Exclamation Point of Our Time
Few and Far Between, Aboriginal Candidates Try to Break a Stereotype
Silent Sentinels of Culture
After Kosovo Killings, What?
Latins Tap Leaders Like 'Irene!'
Public's Disdain Worries Congress
No Derailing, No Delay
California's Primary Move
Babe Ruth's record was big news - but it didn't make Page 1
Starburst Gives Earth an Energy Bath