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Monitor Archive for January 12, 1998

Colorful Expressions
One Man's Dominion Over All That Earth
Low Rates Open Real Estate Door
New York, New York, An Eastsider's Town
Flight of Kurds Opens Holes in Europe's Borders
$15 Billion Deal May End Big Tobacco Fight in Texas
Bookends Say Volumes About What's on Your Shelves
Books Now Cheap Enough by the Dozen
Nurseries in High Schools Prepare For a Deluge
New Hampshire, the 'Me First!' State
Driving With God, Driving With Love
First Get the Loan, Then Find the Home
Kurds Flee Persecution for 'Sympathetic Shores' of Greece
California Living: Snuff Out That Cigarette, Please
States Turn Generous Eye to Universities
Falling Interest Rates Pour Cash Into Economy
Killer Weed Strikes Lake Victoria
Don't Worry About Deflation
Toward Better Rescues
A Novel Way To Romance A Book Deal
Korean-Americans Focus More on Adopted Home
It Looks Like a Good (Election) Year for Women in Politics
Race, Jobs, Pollution In Bayou
When in Doubt, Talk It Out
Can Kaczynski Run His Own Defense?
Looking for Living Space? Start in Cyberspace
When Wives Transfer, Husbands Trail
Target: Light Weapons
Moon May Be There For The Asking
Personal Finance: Q & A
Struggle to Stay Warm in a Coat of Ice
Rupiah Slippers
Is a Cleaner World Now Possible?
Tips For Home Buyers
News In Brief