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Monitor Archive for September 8, 1997

Unheard-Of Event: House of Windsor Bows to Wishes of Its Subjects
Soundtracks Wield Clout In Selling Movies, Performers
Rat Detects a Change of Season
The Voters' Smile
Smudge Marks on Al 'Mr. Clean' Gore
Star Watch
Grass-Roots Groups Knit Bosnia Together Again
The Land Mine Cause
News In Brief
CD Series Reveals the Pleasures Of 'Unheard' Classic Film Scores
Finding Dignity In Pounding Nails
California Targets Junk-Gun Sales and Producers
Colleges Ask Students: 'Will You Pay More?'
Tackling Air Traffic on Alaska's Glaciers
Help, as Defined by Dogs and Children
Doing Good In Camera's Harsh Eye
Seniors Boast Higher Grades, So-So SAT Scores
An Album With Something for Everyone
Low-grade Nuclear Material a Global Threat Too
One Man's Trash Is Another Man's ... Trash
US Military Learns to Live With a Cool Host in Saudi Arabia
Funeral Signals Change in British Traditions
Is That You, Stan?
'Fall Cleaning': Adjust Portfolios for Safety?
Grand Opera House In Brazil Still Sings
Diana, the Boys, and Britain: Two Families Voice Views
Tough Tack By Israel Raises Ire
North Korean Famine Watch
Hamas Leader, Hunted by Israel, Says 'Netanyahu Is Seeking War'
Kids' Lunches: Not Just Twinkies Anymore
Stocks Rebound, but Volatility Signals Concern About Economy