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Monitor Archive for September 30, 1997

When the Right Stuff Is the Wrong Politics
Rising Sea Level, Not Storm Intensity, Is Culprit in Erosion
Five Years, 4,800 Miles Later, A Bottle's Message Is Found
Jobless Rate for Blacks Falls to 23-Year Low
Sun-Proof Displays Help Users See Clearly
Even Supporters Grumble Over Clinton Panel on Race
Canada's Word Games Become Power Play for National Unity
Children Create a Club For a Cleaner Environment
Europeans Squeeze Ryder Cup Victory
Little House on the Paddy
News In Brief
Name That Invention
Can US Fix Berlin's Broken Windows?
Firms Help Employees Stay Safe
Russia's Farm Comeback
Think Now About Tomorrow's Aging Families
Constitutional Avenger Takes On Reformers
Econ. 101: Millions for Coach, Debt for Students
College Recruiters Cast a Global Net
Diets, Drugs, and Values
Getting Up Close With Sports
Buyouts: If You Don't Jump, Will You Get Pushed?
Stone's Throw Away, Worlds Apart
'Huddled Masses'? Not Necessarily; US Gets Europe's Success-Seekers
High-Tech Devices Offer Better Sense of Security
Parents, Students, Drugs
Feeling at Home
Citizen Board Keeps Police In Touch
The Road Away From Rage
Nuclear Plants Grapple With Early 'Lights Out'