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Monitor Archive for September 29, 1997

Environmentalists Decry Europe Dam Decision
German Village Refuses to Let Its Future Turn to Coal Dust
Fall Book Fairs Attract Readers and Authors
News In Brief
Hockey Guru Shows How to Watch the Game
Way Down Home in a Missile Silo: The Cold War Goes Condo
Despite Rules to Cut Down Brawls, Flying Fists Continue
France's Bittersweet Love for US
Singing the Praises of Early Musical Training
Order Is Out-Ranked By Memory at My Desk
But Don't Forget the Big Picture
California Governor Vetoes 'Junk Gun' Ban
A Child's Treasure, Real and Imagined
Will Everybody Please Quit Pretending to Be Shocked?
Getting Smart on SATs
Politics and Money: Search for Dirt Isn't the Point
In the Wide-Eyed Company of Animals
Parents, Legislators Ask Why College Tuition Keeps Rising
Parochial Schools: Out of Cities, Into the Suburbs
Autumn Song
More Schools Take Up Gay-Bias Issues
Same Charges, Different Case
Pave a Path to Profits By Watching Costs
Campaign Finance Reformers Attempt To Thread the Needle
Life Without Limits
Meeting With NATO Shows Russia's Unease, Role of US Senator Helms
Belfast Brims With Hopes for Peace
US Military Outpaces Its NATO Peers
Testing Service Kept Cheating a Secret