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Monitor Archive for September 23, 1997

News In Brief
The Glorious Ruins of Sicily
Watching Volcanoes
Playing the Angles With Kids
For Vice President Gore, Candor Is Best Choice
Up Close and Personal with Mt. St. Helens
Case Gives Georgians Glimpse of Prison Life
Lash, Hopalong, Paladin, Yuma: Morality I Understood
French Say: Vive le Microwave!
Road Warrior on the Hill Battles for Bridges and Highways
US Release of John's 'Candle 1997' and New Album
For Insight Into Finding Land Mines, Scientists Have Gone to the Dogs
Stem the Global Warming Trend
N.Y.C.'s 'Get-It-Done' Giuliani Faces Easy Reelection Bid
Getting Along With Parents
Rural West Seeks to Lure Youths Back From Cities
In a Surprise, Solidarity Poised to Retake Power
Country Musician Writes Her Way to Top
Lizard Turns Blue in Hot Temperatures
Home Sharing Makes Living Easier All Around
UN: a Fresh Start
Nike Fights Full-Court Press on Labor Issue
Abortion Again a Factor in Aid
Collector of Americana With Eye for the Absurd
Dollar's Strength Weakens Blue-Chip Stocks
Fax Machines May Soon Get Some Colorful Characters
N. Ireland Farmers Forced off Land See Hope of Return
Seafood Sales Sink Over Toxicity Scare
Growth of a Nation: Mozambique Trades Bullets for Ballots
GOP Looks to Future, Sees Governors