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Monitor Archive for September 18, 1997

Viewers Unite to Save Quality Shows
Clinton Targets Teen Smoking
Chemicals From Space Shaped Earth Life?
How Mom and I Invaded Russia
Legacy of War Tinges An Ambassador's Role
Greig Craft: People 'Ready to Embrace'
In '97, Defense Is Good Offense
On High Ground
The Monitor's Guide to Bestsellers - Hardcover Fiction
And It Doesn't Melt In the Rain
Texas Professor Reignites Racial-Preference Debate
Corruption Net: Small Fish Sit In Jail, Big Ones Swim Free
Old Habits Hurt New Leader in a New Congo
Still the Boob Tube
Little Tykes Teach Me About the Big Rigs
Gray Ladies of the News Step Out in Living Color
Equal Pay for Equal Work
Welfare Rolls Fall Far, but Snags Loom
Cyber-Cooks Celebrate Food Web Site
Is Clinton Courtship of California Over?
Vietnam Lures Many to Career Of Expatriate
Jay Ellis: US Has 'Big Debt' to Vietnam
Seeking Value, and Finding It, at Seligman
Deja vu Has Starring Role In the Networks' New Shows
Deena Hanley: Feeling 'Comfortable'
Tops on Their List: Better US-Vietnam Ties
News In Brief
Lessons From Venice, 200 Years After Its Fall
Family Hour Returns With a Few Gems
Governance Committees Can Defuse Boardroom Fireworks