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Monitor Archive for September 15, 1997

'Globerati' Try to Find 'Common Values'
Hope Rises at Homeboy Bakeries in L.A.
Hockey Scores Some Learning Goals in Harlem
This Football Hero Wore a Striped Jersey
One-Man Rule
Youthful Arms Race: Lawmakers Don't Get It
Lost Decade Behind, Brazil Is Definition of Optimism
Fall Coming, As I Was Walking To the Metro
Dorms and Diversity
Look Out, Dow, Here Comes Europe
News In Brief
'It's Lovely, Really ... What Is It?'
My 'Goon Squad' Plays Capitalism
A Dis-United Kingdom?
Unconventional Tales Challenge Preconceptions
Senator Seeks to Expand Education Savings Plans
'The China Question' And Freedom
Launching Nautical History
US Arms Weaker Side for Bosnia After NATO
In Name Of Father, Sons Run
In Latest Southwest Range War, Birds Give Beasts the Boot
Personal Finance Q & A
How Children Would Run Public Schools
Research Starts to Bridge Gap Between Prayer and Medicine
Art School's Canvas of Success and Controversy