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Monitor Archive for August 8, 1997

One Small Candle
E. European Women Battle for a Better Workplace
Violence by Splinter Groups Threatens N. Ireland Talks
Out on Video
Math Chat: Ping-Pong Balls and Presidents' Names
Drivers, Calm Down
Entrepreneur Succeeds at a Man's Game
Global Warming Balance Sheet: What We Really Know
News In Brief
America's Changing Dinner Plate
Think College Is out of Reach? Think Again.
Can Europe Cut Cost of New Ideas?
Extraordinary Stories, Ordinary People
Amid Row Over Arab-Israeli Future, A Quiet Tussle: Who Owns the Past?
A Political Crash Course: The Capital's Rule Book
The Little Green Guests Took Over
Gaps in Our National Security
Bitten by Reality, Apple Saves Its Skin
As Porn Proliferates, S. Africa Debates Free Speech
Indians to Tackle Housing Crisis - on Their Own
A Little Malarkey Sweetens The Church Supper
In Search for Cyprus Solution, Two Personalities Offer Promise
Family Movie Guide
Career Girls' Takes Meandering Path
Bernard Parks's L.A. Duty: Ease City's Racial Tensions
Women Target More Political and Financial Clout
Sixty Percent President
When Resigning Office Is the Honorable Thing to Do
Drastic Action for D.C.