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Monitor Archive for August 19, 1997

Attention, Mexican Shoppers: Price Drops Likely Because of End to One-Party Rule
NATO Needs an Overhaul, Expansion or Not
Volga 'Bayous'; a Tax Man's Tales
Internet 'Pushes' Its Way Into TV's Domain
New Yorkers Saddle Up in the City
Western Sahara Leader: Why Baker Can't Fail
Declining Welfare Rolls
Italy Drools For Dribbler From Brazil
President Clinton's Centrist Clothing
Universal Themes Humanize Athol Fugard's Latest Play
Yeltsin Admits Aid Misses Chechnya
Seashells Yield Tough Secrets
Aroma of Socks Lingers Where Press Corps Meets President
News In Brief
How to Look For a Job When You Have One
Job-Hopping Jumps Along With Economy
The Right Way to Accommodate Religion at Work
Military Fights Cutbacks With Midwestern Charm
The Mystery Of the Rising Caspian
'Misalliance' and '1776' Signal Strong Fall Season
Chronicling the Evolution Of America's Public Housing
Aid for North Korea
Marketing Wars Enter Schoolyard
Stock Market Jitters
Galactic Family Tree Sheds Light on Cosmos
James Baker Steps Into a N. African Sandstorm
Ancient Fish of the Caviar Trade Now Face Smugglers, Oil Drills
Oregon Revisits Assisted-Suicide Debate
Dance Theatre of Harlem Still Enriches Many Lives
Ideal Climate for Leveraging Career
Look Below Top Leadership To Find Hope in Bosnia
Ripples From the Musical Wave