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Monitor Archive for August 14, 1997

Northerner May Be Next Irish President
US Puts CIA on the Case in Mideast
Not a Neighborly Move
In Favor of Families
Looking for A Few Good Legal Eagles
Losers in Smog Battle Try End-Run Attack
Monitor's Guide to Bestsellers: Hardcover Fiction
L.A. to Gang Members: Don't Even Whistle
The Best of 'Art & Religion: The Many Faces of Faith'
Ending Africa's Tragedy
Mom's Spectators Lined Up To Salute Every Summer
Art Sparks Dialogue On Race, Religion
China's New Bridge to Taiwan
Kids Swap Matchbox for Race Car
Rating the Rating Services
One Senator's Pick of Pork That May Deserve a Clinton Veto
Successful Parenting
News In Brief
UN's Basement Brawn May Be Its Finest Force
GRAPHIC: PHOTO: 'FAMILY ON THE CAPE' (1994): Oilstick on paper, 30 by 22 in., by Diana Rutherford. COURTESY OF THE ARTIST
Crossroads for America's National Parks
What's On
How Part-Timers Fare in US Economy
Now for Some Principled Follow-Through in the Mideast
Dressing In the Age Of Anything Goes
Lychees: Luscious Pearls of the Orient
Wild New Agricultural Markets Curdle Some Dairy Farmers
Robert Bateman Captures Essence Of Natural World