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Monitor Archive for August 13, 1997

Surfers Ride 'Rad' Money Wave
Strike Toll Mounts, Parcel by Parcel
In the Bird-Call Business, Just Who-Who Are You?
Parting Shots: Photographer Norm Matheny Bids Adieu
Seven Ways to Keep Mideast Peace Alive
An Execution Keeps Politicians Watching for Assassins
Sweet Drinks That Lure Kids Pack a Surprise - Alcohol
A Rookie's Kite Flies in Beijing Sky
Egyptian Subway Has Archaeologists Digging In Their Heels
New Tax Bill Spells Relief: R-I-C-H
Saving Everglades: Who Should Pay?
Take Nuclear Weapons off Alert
Budget Relief Coming at Faster Clip
Twenty Years Later, The King's Complex Legacy Still Rocks On
Garth Brooks Takes on N.Y.C.
A Crucial Few Weeks for South Africa's Truth Seekers
Rebuilding a Library, 1,700 Years Later
An Iron Fist, Not a Soft Touch, Wins in Cambodia
News In Brief
Some Questions About Age
Expos of 'Old' Yeltsin Shows How Much Has Changed
Hope for North Korea
Old Planks Find New Homes
Governors' Lessons in the Art of the Line-Item Veto
Why India Matters