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Monitor Archive for August 12, 1997

Next Big Defense-Cut Target: Civilians
Sidewalk Life Comes To Denver
As China Glares, Taiwan Gulps
The Truth About Mistakes
News In Brief
Malibu May Wake Rudely From Its California Dream
Dear Diary: The Art of Confiding On Paper Is as Popular as Ever
UPS Strike Puts Competitors' Systems In the Spotlight
The Actor With A Yawning Audience
Kenya's Best Hope: A Rising Middle Class
Is Your House a Home, Or Is It an Investment?
America's Past Comes Alive With a Bang
Do Broadcasters Serve Public Enough?
Israel: Overplayed Hands
The Rat That Wires Schools to the Web
Electronic Moles Map Route for Rapid Response When Earth Moves
Why Travelers Flock to Airports In Small Cities
Cambodian Ruler's Troops Pin Refugees at Thai Border
Hungarians, Czechs, Poles Race to Join EU
Big Export for Britain Clashes With New Ethic
MONITOR QUIZ: Sports Terms With Strange Names
The Veto's on the Line
College Students Seek More Counsel
Faiths Join to End Persecution - Reversing the 'ism' Schism