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Monitor Archive for August 11, 1997

Electric Industry: Let the Competition Begin
Immigration Solution?
Handouts to Europe's Farmers Slip Away
What the New IRAs Mean for You
'End' to Korean War Hinges on China
Hong Kong's Role As China's Wall Street
Uganda Hopes to End a Violent Teen Rebellion
Two GOP Titans Clash Over US Foreign Policy
Chinese Peasants Reflect On Mao's Turbulent Rule
News In Brief
Why Norway Puts Whale on Menu
Big Tuition Costs in Big-Sky Country
Girl in Charge Shakes Everything Up
Jobs Opens Some Gates
US Chase for Most-Wanted Man in Bosnia
White House Opts to Test Its New Veto Power - Now
At Your Service
Feeling Good
When Bombs Rip, Where Is Islam?
Using Spies in Sky to Lower the Toll of Temblors
Olympics Echo at World Track Championships in Athens
Unlikely Man of The House
The Basics: What, Who, and How
The Dog That Decided To Star in My Story
'Conspiracy Theory' Echoes Classic Thrillers
New Playwrights Gain N.Y. Showcase
Like Spinoza ...
Senior PGA Tour Is a Recipe for Success