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Monitor Archive for August 1, 1997

After Budget Deal, Party Focus Shifts to 1998 Vote
Munich's Message for Madeleine Albright
Peace in Afghanistan Should Be a US Priority
Harvesting Hope From a City Garden
Cows and Grandmothers With Perfect Pitches
Reunions and Union
Freeze Frames: The Monitor Movie Guide
Her Unplugged Approach Plugs In Well at Lilith Fair
Women Rock the House
J.J. Johnson: Mr. Jazz Trombone'
Melodrama Weakens Film On Embattled Urban Teacher
Irish, Great Emigrants, Not Keen on Outsiders
A Mideast Crossroads
It's the Hidden Costs That Can Nail a Budget
New Bosnia Tack: Reward 'Open' Towns
Whose Boat the Economy Isn't Floating
The Chrysanthemum
News In Brief
The Death Penalty System Is Still Seriously Flawed
Social Workers Reject Role as INS Agents
Sleeper Choice Rising As Tennis's New No. 2
Liberia's Tenuous Election
College Tuition in Britain
Civility Versus Compassion On City Streets
In Israel, a Clampdown and a Big Question: Where Is the US?
Crime-Wary Russians Get Their Guns
World's Mayors Find a Common Interest: Talking Trash
Falling Prices Land Hard on S. African Gold Miners
Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing (Arista):
Remodeling Without Getting Hammered