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Monitor Archive for July 8, 1997

What Works For Business Is 'Work'
How Xerox Turned Flexible on Work Hours
Foreign Players: Missionaries in a Land of Soccer Infidels
Tips From a Pro On How to Build Sand Castles
Homage to the Awesome Power of Weather
The Company Ads Keep
The Science of Sand Sculpture
Part-Timers Are Key To Labor Talks of '97
CD Reviews
'I'm New; When's Vacation?'
Traffic in the South Tests 'Car Is King' Mentality
The Soviet Union's 'Roswell' Cloaked Down-to-Earth Reality
Beat Goes On, Along With the News, as Africa's Airwaves Open Up
After an Initial Bounce, Soccer Zeal Dribbles Off
This Ball Player Comes Out Swinging
Strapped Causes Get a Hand From Retired Execs
Tough Choice Set Stage for Violence
'This is What It's Going to Take'
Are Americans Ready to Go to War for Prague?
A Love of Rocks Takes a Geologist From Rte. 66 to the Surface of Mars
Don't Punch The Clock, Turn It Off
Kabila's Tutsi Connection
News In Brief
How Can We Best Help?
Clinton Backers Stand by Their Man
League System Ousts the Owners
Mexicans Say Si to Real Democracy
Crumbling, Grumbling, Precede West's Light-Rail Rumbling
United by Children
The War's End in Congo Ricochets Into Neighbors
From Deep in the 'Rust Belt,' a Shining View of NAFTA
World's Experiment to Plant Democracy in Cambodia Shrivels
Underground Aquifers Are 'Banks' for Southwestern Gold