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Monitor Archive for July 24, 1997

Minor Teams Pitch Friendliness
Why US Lab Is Designing A Bomb No One Asked For
Battle to Keep Heads Above Rising Waters
News In Brief
Three Managers, Three Brands, One Fund
What's On?
A Conflict Worth Settling
Motor City Rediscovers Its Groove
Women in Prison
Traveling Light - A Weighty Subject In a Gadget-Driven Age
The Adirondacks: Land of Lumberjack, Fisherman, and Nature-Loving Painter
Religious Persecution Drives Diplomacy Shift
Tobacco Deal Is About Kids, Not Lawyer Fees or Revenge
Boeing Lands Its Merger, EU Cleared to Compete
Shin Deep in a Riffle Of the Gila River
A Family's Search for America's Best Baseball
Tight Border Aids People-Smuggling
A Universal Concern
Tahoe Summit Backs Efforts to Clear the Air - and Water
Only One Judgment
Seeking English As a Second Language
A Delivery Pig, a Barber, And Tail-Gate Parties? It Must be the Minor Leagues
Watermelon: a Silly and Serious Slice of Summer
Curb on Religious Freedom In Russia May Rise Again
The Face Behind the Foreign
Tobacco Deal Gains Steam As Health Groups Warm to It
Yeltsin's Popular Protg Provides Cover for Reform
While Cape Cod Struggles to Control Summer Stampede
Humor Is the Key Ingredient At Lively TV Food Network
African Company's Use of Merit Pay, Other Reforms Shows Way to Success
How Reporters Cheat Assassins In Algeria's War With Islamists
Who's Minding the Fund?