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Monitor Archive for July 17, 1997

Machu Picchu: Ancient City Hidden In the Clouds
US and Colombia Team To Tame a 'Coca Capital'
The Thinness Trap
A Healing Response
Black Support Wanes for Goal Of Integration
A Delicious Slice of Small-Town Life
Patagonia's Rugged Beauty Has Its Share Of Chills and Thrills
Who Should Protect America's Borders?
News In Brief
Argentina Side Trips Open the Door to Wonder and Adventure
In Case This Good Thing Comes to an End...
Atlanta Crafts Olympic Legacy
Apple's Decline Isn't So Surprising After All
Buenos Aires: Old-World Style In a City That Never Sleeps
To Mideast Sticks and Stones, Add Name-Calling
The Lure of South America
Leader Won't Break Silence About Zimbabwe's Violent Past
Justice for Juveniles
Buy High, Sell Higher: Index Funds Ride the Market Rocket
China and Taiwan: A Very Slow Waltz
Getting Along With Mexico Just Got Harder, but Healthier
July Fall
House Sparrows in India Make Themselves at Home
Blast, Punch, Zing: Smoothies Whir Up for Summer
Memorials: Not Just a Look Back
Base Motives
Secondhand Smoke Goes on Trial