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Monitor Archive for July 16, 1997

When US, Newcomers' Values Clash
Playing a Royal Role With Relish
A Good Step on Drugs
Paris Honors Photography's Preeminent Statesman
With Hong Kong in the Fold, China Eyes Taiwan
Golf Course With a Conscience
Taiwan Is an Entirely Different Proposition
Should Filmmakers 'Contact' Presidents?
No Hands Off Cambodia
O'Keeffe Blooms Eternal in Santa Fe
News In Brief
A Guide to America's Best Sand,Sun, and Solitude
Winnowing Down the Theories
Tough Stand on War-Crime Suspects Keeps Bosnia Tense
How This Year's British Open Players Stack Up
Does US Need a 'Superroad'?: Backers of north-south 'NAFTA route' see it as a highway to prosperity
Where Did All The Money Go? Not Far
Bumper-to-Bumper Haiku
In an Age of High-Tech Space Exploration, Myths Still Abound
Art Garfunkel Gives Voice to Family Music
NASA Refines Plans for People on Mars
Where Is Church?
Thailand's Supershoppers Get US-Style Superstores
Royal Troon: A Walk On the Wild Side
Shakeup Plan for UN Unlikely to Satisfy US
And Now, EU Expansion
Does US Need a 'Superroad'?: Routes Pass Through Politicians' Home Turf