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Monitor Archive for June 3, 1997

Want a Good Deal On a Computer? Two Words: Buy Used
Yes, Period Music Can Be Hip, Colorful, Fun
Group Honors Church for 'Faithful Support' of Bible Week
Walking Away From the Soviet Union
Watchdog group cites abuse of Switzerland's symbol
Women Fill Top Spots in Rotary Club 10 Years After Being Admitted
For and Against Punishing US Allies on Cuba: No compromise with Europe, argues a Florida representative
Vacations Feel the Pinch, As Workers Feel Pressure Of Changing Workplace
Putting a Price On a Clean Ocean, A Useful Wetland
An Islamic Revolution Falters In Winning Afghan Hearts
What's Left
Adding Spice in a State The Melting Pot Missed
Ex-Russian Satellite Enjoys Setting Its Own Agenda
Good Exampling
French Put Spin on Euro-Unity
Leader Set to Make Honest Change
Paula Jones and the Economy
News In Brief
Good Sportsmanship Declines on the Sidelines
Falcon City
Next Clinton Focus: Healing Racial Rifts
For and Against Punishing US Allies on Cuba: A new policy is needed, argues an Indiana representative
Less Time in the Sun for You, Bigger Boost for Economy
Leisure Time in the '90s: TV Soaks Up the Hours
Monitor Quiz: Name That State
Government, Industry Flock Together for Bird Conservation
How a Book Is Changing Seekers' Lives
Unlearning Violence