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Monitor Archive for June 26, 1997

Listen Up
News In Brief
Authors Old and New Tempt Readers
Missionary Muslims Find Albania to Be Fertile Ground
The Plugged-In Vacation: What's a Beach Without a Fax?
Whose Fault Is It?
Your Earth Charter?
Orange-domed Stadium Is Juicy Sport for Arizona Diamondbacks
Baseball Boss Is a Hot Arizona Pick
Japanese Battle Public Project With Unaccustomed Fervor
Congress Debates When To Get Tough on China
A Lineup of White Elephants
A Fight for Sovereignty in Alaska's Native Villages
Socially Screened Index Funds Top S&P 500
Views From Miami Beach On Changes to Medicare
Bulging US Prisons Prompt Cross-Cultural Comparisons
Fourth-of-July Food Favorites Pack More Bang Than Fireworks
High Court Clips Protections For Religious Freedom in US
The Golden Age of Mogul Art Summons an Opulent World
A Rush to Reach Ex-Atheist People
Investing With Principle as the Bottom Line
Solo Woman Sailor Faces Stormy Seas, Stormier Emotions
Hopping Toward The Heights of Fame
Asteroid Offers Insight Into Space Mysteries
Showered With an Accolade
Waiting 500 Years for Trial: Life in Rwanda's Jails
Medicare Hike Signals A Long, Hot Summer
Cousteau's New World
What's On
A Nation's Climb From Mob Rule to Ballot Box