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Monitor Archive for June 23, 1997

New York Foils Mob Influence With Rules, Regulations
Patience Beats Greed, Experts Say; So Walk, Don't Run, Into Bull Market
Russia Would Rather Have a G-8
News In Brief
Big Tobacco Forced To Turn New Leaf
France Up in the Air In War Against Boeing
Jacob's Pillow Leaps Into 65th Year of Dance
Competition on Hold
The Untouchables No More: Mafia Loses Influence in US
Immigrants' English Gets Put to the Test
Boycotts: New Tool In Moral Crusades
Court Ruling Strengthens Hands of Church Governing Boards
Wimbledon: Who's Who At Tennis's Premier Event
America's Africa Plan Chided
Proposals to Extend Child Health-Care Coverage
Guarding World-Class Resources
Who's Taking Over Whom in Hong Kong?
The Berkshires' Perennial Bloom of Dance, Theater, and Music
Women in the Game
Some Players Prefer a Grass Court, Others Say It's Fine if You're a Cow
Small Fries With a Big Beef: Two Britons vs. McDonald's
In God's 'Lap'
US Must Take Lead To Ban Land Mines
Ma Goes American
Missed the Bull Market? Not So, Says Acampora
Kids and Lawyers Win Big In Tobacco Settlement
A Museum Mystery's Happy Ending
Global Warming and Population Growth: Inseparable
After Dolly, a Slippery Ban on Human Cloning
Turning Toxic Sludge Into Fertilizer
Family Empires Still At India's Forefront