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Monitor Archive for June 2, 1997

News In Brief
Patience Is Required in Congo
'Near the Beach, Shinnecock,'
Small Economies Ride High
Baby Boomers Head For Bust in Retirement
Teen Crime Trend Puts Them Behind Adult Bars
The Art of Artifice
How to Hire Welfare Recipients Into a Dwindling Work Force
Weapons 'R' Us: Russia Rivals The West's Arms Technology
'Armed Maoists' and Ilk Spring Up Like Weeds
Faster Than a Bullet - Or at Least a Porsche
CD Reviews
'Star Wars' Opens in Japan, Where Luke & Co. Are Like Old Friends
Since Russia Shrank, Making Maps Just Isn't What It Used to Be
Needed Apologies
Cleansing Democracy
Reservists Buck Military Plan To Downsize Their Ranks
Spunky Utah Jazz to Be Tested Against Mighty Bulls
Grads: Do as Your Parents Didn't
Russia's Red Army Has Lost Its Roar
Thanks Again, Katharine Hepburn
Finding a Brother
Tartan Pride Soars at Talk of Scottish Devolution
If You Can Handicap Golf, Then Why Not Tennis?
Six Days That Shook Mideast: A Pivotal War Reverberates
Rethinking a City's Family-Friendly Facade
Miracle on 64th Street
A Vaunted Space Program Now Stuck on the Launch Pad
Howard University Becomes 'Hot Pick'
Should a Concentration-Camp Prisoner Forgive His SS Captor?