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Monitor Archive for June 13, 1997

Tribute to 'a Good Woman'
Sporty Small Sedans Liven Luxury Market
Administration's Sense of Weariness, Shrinking Agenda
Caffeine's Cool Image Appeals To Kids, Perks Adult Concern
Immersion Program Credo: It's Never too Early
N.J. Girds to Keep 'Soft Money' at Bay
Strolling Up
Time for the President to Defend Affirmative Action
Government Aid For Language Study
A Bus Novice Learns the Rules Of the Ride
Disney's Herculean Feat: Stopping New York Traffic For Movie Premiere Parade
Let's Honor Fathers - Single Fathers, Too
How a Newspaper's Style Transformed a Lobster War
Elephants and the Ivory Trade
One Miner's Booty After Being Laid Off
Family Movie Guide
A Fresh Start
Math Chat: 65-m.p.h. Speed Limits, Large Primes, and Japanese Exams
GOP Loses Face-Off With Clinton
Pink Slips Come With a Big Heart In Japan Layoffs
In Anti-Oil Protest, Greenpeace Uses Rock Perch as Legal Claim
Disaster Aid Without Doodads
Children Say 'Oui' to Foreign Languages
Anatomy of a Decision: Ethics Panel's Wooly Work
'Value Added' Coltrane CD Ripples With Emotion
A Holocaust Memorial in Berlin Seems Stuck on Drawing Board
Freeze Frames: The Monitor Movie Guide
If the 'Indies' Stay in Vogue, 'Ulee's Gold' May Strike It Rich
News In Brief
In Land of TVs, a Fair Tries to Boost Literacy
Clinton and 'Soft Money'