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Monitor Archive for June 12, 1997

Mexican Farmer Restores Arid Land, Shares Methods With Campesinos
Tiger Woods: Golf's Own Johnny Appleseed
An Army's New Task: Saving Cows at Risk
And the Winner Is: Mr. Slowpoke
Koreans Don't Cry as Real M*A*S*H Folds
News In Brief
Is Love or Biology the Tie That Binds a Dad to Kids?
The Gentle Fragrance Of My Father's Good Deeds
Germany's Kohl Tries To Save Europe Unity
Nation Holds Its Breath Over Clean-Air Rules
What's On
Texas Hunts for Ways to Foster Diversity
Reliable Medicine
Dagwood Sets the Tone For Father's Day
Toddling Toward Adventure
The Pentagon's Worst Enemy Is Itself
Young Illegal Migrants Face US Kid-Gloves
Death-Penalty Issue Stirs Divergent Religious Views
One Man Cries Peace In a Land of Massacres
Secular Turkey Teeters Over Plan to Close Islamic Schools
Teaching Kids Lessons About Life and Links
Odds and Ends ...
Clinton's Race Initiative
Parents Battle Strong Cultural Forces in Finding Family Time
US Open Is Next Challenge For Tiger, and He's Not Alone
Does Iran Now Have Its 'Deng' to Improve US Relations?
Unofficial Team Throws Punches on the President's Behalf
Does Fatherhood Make the Man?
Commercials on Public TV? Some Stations Show Interest
The Glory of Babylon