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Monitor Archive for June 11, 1997

Algeria Agonistes
Renaissance Faires Make History Come Alive
NATO's Credibility Problem
World Festival Honors the Sacred in Music
Redrawing a Line On Military Affairs
Why Europe Has Its Eye on the Boeing Deal
US 4th-Graders Shine in Science And Math, but Fade by 8th Grade
Helping One Family Finally Know
Responding to the Light
Hong Kong Investors Deep in the Red, and Thrilled
CD Reviews
Portraits of Encouragement
Mayan Culture Struggles in a TV World
The Fabric of My Life, in Three Piles
Theater Group Explores Diversity Through Fairy Tales
France Sets Fire Under Euro-Unity
Marine Corps Training Motto: 'Semper Fidelis' but Separate
Man Who Sleeps With a Beeper
Big Tax Cut Ahead, But How to Slice It?
World's Voters Belt the Tighteners
If at First You Don't Succeed, Give Public More Leads to Track Down Bombers
Stepping Into Antigua's Past Among Churches and Colonial Ruins
Russian Volunteers Search For War's Forgotten Heroes
News In Brief
Downsizing: a Fad That Spins Wheels
Iran's Pavarotti: Sharam Nazeri
Big Business in Britain Asks If Labour Is Friend or Foe
Euro-Marriage & Divorce
A Day Without Video Games Proves Popular With the Kids
Money in US-Iran Relations
How to Get Around Safely in Guatemala
Chronicling Women's Voices in the Midst of Middle East Wars