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Monitor Archive for June 10, 1997

IRA Gains New Clout After Ireland's Elections
Attacking Campus Date Rape With New Codes of Conduct
Researchers Tune In to Bee Hives To Get the Buzz on Air Pollutants
In a Swap of Sword for Pen, Panama Wants US Base to Be Knowledge City
The Interview: Four-Minute Test
Perception Gap Could Stymie Racial Initiatives
Monitor Quiz: It's a Grand Old Flag
Peekaboo Festivals Offer Glimpse At New Music and Acting Talents
Dixie Politics: Boys Clubs Still Prevail
US and Latin American Groups Join Forces to Protect Birds at Risk
A Look at the Many Theories of the Universe
Changing the Way We Think of Refugees
Track and Field Hits A Bump in the Road
'Ich Bin Ein Ampelmannchen'? A Pop Icon Helps Unite Berlin
Japan Likes to Blame US Arm-Twisting
Requiem for the Songbird: Perilous Decline Puzzles Scientists
Surf's Up! Job Hunters Catch an Internet Wave
Not Free as the Air
Caught Between Two Worlds, Hong Kong Seeks Identity
Comp-Time Compromise
Turning an Ordinary Backyard Into a Bird Sanctuary
Contracts (and Jazz) Could Threaten Bulls' NBA Reign
Apartment Dwellers Wonder Where to Put Satellite TV Dishes
The Story of Joe, My Pet Piranha
Folksy GOP Leader With Partisan Texas Tongue
Piranhas Aren't so Scary, Really
Smiles and Steel In Snapshots of JFK
News In Brief
'Pacifist' Japan Asks: How to Aid US?