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Monitor Archive for May 20, 1997

Round 2 in the Battle of the Bug Tests Crops With Built-In Pesticide
Travel Software Puts You on the Road Again
Sarah Vaughan CDs Exude Lifelong Affection for Jazz
Want More Yield Than a Money Fund? Try Bank CDs
High Court Frees Charities From Property-Tax Pinch
News In Brief
Trail of Triumph: Two Rebels' March Across Zaire
In Search for Values, China Casts Its New Heros as Art
Aerobics the Army Way: Boot Camp for Citizens
Cooperation Saves the Swainson's Hawk
New Orleans Jazz Albums Convey Vitality of Traditional Sound
A Safety Zone When Rates Rise
The Mobile Home of the '90s: Doublewide with a Sunken Tub
A Few Gems Shine in Cannes Lineup
Losing the War At Home
Peacemaker in Hebron
The Origins of Buddhism and Its Spread to Korea
The Delicate Art Of Compromise
How to Mend America's Broken Urban Areas
Conservation Plan Promotes Give and Take
Brazil Indians Craft Pride From Nuts and Feathers
The Flutist and Financier Who Runs Nation's Economy
Go East, Young Monk: a Western Touch at a Buddhist Blast
Where Does a Candy Bar Come From?
Monitor Quiz: Name The 'Flower People'
Fun in School
France Laments Mobutu's Fall, Blames US for Lost Clout in Africa
The West Goes East