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Monitor Archive for May 2, 1997

News In Brief
Memorial to a Man Who Redefined Government
GOP vs. 'Activist' Judges
Parents Needle Legislators For Limits on Body Piercing
Did US Slow Food to Iraq After No-Fly Snub?
African American Museum Shares Stark, Moving Story Of a People's History
US Crafts New Zaire With Warnings, Talk
Yet Another Trial That Goes Beyond Guilt and Innocence
The Home That Still Holds My Heart
Clinton Strategy: Bite-Sized Initiatives
New Ways to Get Price Breaks on Long-Distance Phone
Crackdown on Truants Snares Lawful Students
Freeze Frames: The Monitor Movie Guide
Stop Interrupting!
My May Flower Was Named Dracene
Ex-fighters Chop Guatemala Jungle
High Schoolers Debate US Constitution
Mortgage Worries Push Home Buyers off Fence
Role Models in Media: Girls Go on Dates, Boys Go to Work
Chess Match Tests Limits Of Computer 'Intelligence'
Best Shot for Forest's Survival: Employment
A Drug on the Market
Loggers Use Loophole to Decimate Cambodia's Disappearing Forests
Economic Boom Busts the US Deficit
Small Investors Outwit, Outwait, And Outperform
Including a Little Girl Named Colleen
What's On
The Americas: Four Ways to Better Cooperation