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Monitor Archive for May 19, 1997

After 1,875 miles, Weary Rebels Enter Kinshasa, and Get Lost
To Nail a Truce in N. Ireland, Blair Hammers at Sinn Fein
The Fed Seems Bemused, Wall Street Acts Confused
Chill Is Gone, But Labor Still Wary
As 'Distance Learning' Takes Off, US Lags Behind
Monitor Quiz: A Literary Name Game
Questioning Courts' Use Of Psychiatric Witnesses
For Disney, It's a Whole New Ball Game
Move on Welfare Reform
What Books May Be
Greenspan Talks, Wall Street Balks; Less Secrecy at Fed
Wrong Sort of Student Aid
Drug Courts: More Evidence They Reduce Repeat Offenses
Sound of Peace
Senior Athletes Know No Limits At Arizona Sports Competition
Arizona Trial Roils a Desert Camelot
News In Brief
Bungle in the Jungle: How Zaire's Mobutu Failed
Reformer Calls for a System That Gets Back to the Basics
Democracy Declassified
Merit Scholarships: Pivotal Shift in Aid
Pitino Deal Reverberates Beyond Boston
An Upstream Solution to River Pollution
What the Balanced-Budget Deal Means for Americans' Pocketbooks
Would You Hire a Lawyer Named 'Kitten'?
Higher Criticism
Taking Zaire Easier Than Ruling the New 'Congo'
Prisons Grapple With Rapid Influx of Women - and Mothers