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Monitor Archive for May 13, 1997

Think Green
The Value of Sports
Judge Keeps McVeigh Trial Under His Tight Rein
Running-Shoe Makers Kick the Foam Habit
No One Expected Roosevelt's Revolution
Test Kitchen: the States
News In Brief
How Native Land Disputes Can Be Win-Win for All
Readers Write
California Tests if Smaller Classes Are Better
A Little Bird Flies in And Makes Itself at Home
'I Made a Mistake And I'm Sorry!'
Good Return, High Safety: Uncle Sam's the Man
Red Tape in Italy Sticks Like Glue
Affirmative Action: Rollback That Isn't
After Chess Romp, Deep Blue's Makers Mull Their Next Move
The Pulpit Plays a Part in Zaire War
CD Review
In Africa's 'Forgotten' War in Sudan, Christian Soldiers March Onward
Court Limits US Say Over Voting Districts
Ruling Reshapes Gender Outlook
Why Aid Iran? An Answer
Riddles in Rhyme
In Iraq, Internal Challenges Rock the House of Saddam
An Archive of Show Scores
High Schools Put Some Spring Into Senior Slump
Make participants, not all students, pay cost of athletics, says an author
Estate Tax Issue - Who's Rich And Who's Just Comfortable
Australian Swimmer Completes 112-Mile Cuba-Florida Swim
'Reprise!' Musicals Return to the Basics - the Music