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Monitor Archive for May 12, 1997

Hard-Line Separatist Tosses a Bomb Into Canada's Campaign
Another Record, Another Round of Doubts for the Bull
Learn the Piano in 3 Hours And Become a Yanni Overnight!
Silicon Chips, Not Blue Chips, Fuel Bull Market of the 1990s
Nations Vie to Recraft Zaire
Top Choices for Teen Readers, From Shakespeare to Alice Walker
Chicagoans See Gang Verdict As First Step in Reconciliation
Cannes Caters to More Than Offbeat Art Films
Why We Are in Vietnam
In Mexico City, the 'Big Top' Shifts Spotlight to Street Kids
Classic Dance, Updated Themes Sweep 'Cinderella' Off Its Feet
Comedian Restores Hope With Humor
Raid on Venice Bell Tower Rings Across Divided Italy
The FBI's 'Major Investigative Effort'
Busy Week Highlights GOP Priorities on Hill
Readers Write
Salsify Blooming
Quirky Tale Tracks Father-and-Son Exploits
Iran Reaches for International Aid After a Devastating Quake
Keep It Civil
Looking for Alternatives?
Should Kids Be Taken If Parents Use Drugs?
'Unpopular' Judges Face Rising Public Wrath
The Limber Cunning Of Cows
Making the Most of Moss
News In Brief
Is Clinton Ready to Lead the Hemisphere?
Chandeliers Light Path From Venice Canals To America's Capital
Defying Nature and Reason, Family Farmers Return to Fields
Clinton's Centrism Galvanizes Liberals