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Monitor Archive for April 8, 1997

Not Evenings, but Idle After-School Hours Are the Prime Time for Juvenile Crime
One Artist, Eight Decades Of Work, Joy, and Mischief
Monitor Quiz: Nursery Rhymes
Driven by Oil and Spite for US, Iran Reaches for Dominance
Launch Your Own Message in a Bottle
How Communities Respond To Sex Offenders Next Door
Europe's Challenge to the US In South America's Biggest Market
Police Know Where They Are, But the Japanese Don't Mind
The Road to Spring Is a Bumpy One
A Bottle's Soggy Saga
Hospitals Guarantee Health-Care Delivery
Why Do So Many People Distrust the Press? Television's One Reason
Basketball Comes Back, and So Does Cambodia
News In Brief
Democracy in Inaction: Did Haiti Fail US Hope?
On-line Mergers Mean More Infotainment
To Quell Doubts, France Exhibits Nazi-Looted Art
Rescuing the Red Squirrel
Collections Build Wealth, Sometimes
Winning by a Snout: Non-Betting Bedouins off to the (Camel) Races
US Quietly Adds A Bunker-Buster To Nuclear Arsenal
No-Nonsense Nunn
Texas Town Tries to Scare Kids Straight
Jobs, Pay - Good News
Mountain Wind Flows Make Waves With Scientists
From Maple Leaf to Mutual Funds: Retirement Shift in Canada
Don't Let Things Bug You