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Monitor Archive for April 14, 1997

Love Makes Plays Go 'Round At Humana Theater Festival
Investors Not Just Cautious, Now Downright Pessimistic
Wallpaper's Easy to Put Up
Weather Lessons With Ponce de Leon
Seeing the Many Sides of Moore
News In Brief
Beware of 'Tele-Crooks' Posing as Police
Embattled Zaire Dictator Hears Dominoes Falling
Swiss Charity Fund Tests Unity of Disunited People
'No Sweat' Pact to Cut Garment Worker Abuse
A Grandfather's Whirring Legacy
Technology Earnings Under Microscope
Once a Cold-War Conflict, Angola Takes Symbolic Steps to Put Rebels in Office
Light, Nature Take Residence In Sverre Fehn's Buildings
How Colorado Plans to Fight A Ubiquitous Urban Eyesore
Once Pent Up, Cash-Rich Russians Trot Globe
In Latin America, Revolting Jail Life
How Lincoln Finally Made Up His Mind
Loose Bricks in Church-State Wall
Teachers Give Virginia Standards an A+
More Questions Than Answers About the Influence of Paul
Conversations With Outstanding Americans: Bobby Bowden
A Former Employee Gives the IRS an Audit And Says It Owes
The Unexpected Effects Of Prayer
Albright's Czech Roots Bring High Hopes in Her Homeland
Prop. 209 - Still Questions
The Plugged-in Village