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Monitor Archive for April 10, 1997

News In Brief
Post-Vote Battle for Seat In Senate Nears Decision
Canada Funds Drill and Dig Their Way to Riches
Riding a Stormy Stock Market
Looking at Art: Thomas Eakins's Pivotal Role
Beyond Ethnicity, A Shared America
Adjust Your Portfolio? Experts Say Yes and No
Chilly Note: Be Sure to Read Frozen Food Labels
Fidelity's Next Star Rises Early
Monitor Quiz: Jump-Rope Jingles
The Monitor's Guide to Bestsellers: Hardcover Fiction
... And Money Funds for the Cautious
Nevada's Quest Not to Get Dumped On
Foreign Funds for the Adventurous ...
Equal Access to the Club
Affirmative Action Ruling May Spur Rollback Efforts
This Time, Palestinian Intifadah Loses Punch
The Sciences and Faith
Groups Blast US Treatment of Illegal Immigrants
Read Before You Weep - Simpler Prospectuses
Ancient Nordic Rivals Link Up in Bridge Project
How Nice It Is!
Instant Access for Investors as Mutual Funds Go On-Line
How Much US Might in Asia?
What's Behind Lull in Activity In Washington
The Sands of Spring Put a World at Our Feet
The Joy of Compiling a Cookbook
UN and US Try to Avoid Major Spat In Parking Ticket Tit-for-Tat
Low Turnover, High Returns
For Peace in Middle East, Aim for Final Accord Now
Whatever Happened To: Making Copies? Carbon Paper Did the Job Before Xerox
They Could Have Danced All Night
Upstart Churches Chart New Directions in Protestantism
What Is Your Business?