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Monitor Archive for February 20, 1997

New Tax Benefits? Don't Hold Your Breath
Unusual Unity on Youth Crime
As Old Certainties Fade in Australia, a New Self-Image Evolves
The Shell Seeker
Creamy DoveBar Wins by a Lick
Custom Trips Cater to Your Every Whim
Keep Parents of Unruly Kids Home With Electronic Tags, Britain Says
Warming Up to Chilly Iceland
Prosecutors' Acts Are Put on Trial In Illinois Case
Common Quest Makes Chums of Old Rivals
Junior Scholars Haunt Turkey's Ancient Ruins
Pilot Crackers Refuse to Crumble
Some Fallacies About Asian Immigrants in Australia
Heaven Is Where You Are
How Boston Brought Down Youth Crime
Court Delivers Mixed Message on Abortion
Bringing in 'The Year of China'
Shrinking Great Lakes: Where Is All the Water Going?
Anti-Immigrant Plan Backfires in France
Barbie Meets Her Match: Grandma
Separatists Use Youth Gangs To Make Their Point in Spain
Asking for More
How We Got a Dog We Already Had
A New Musketeer
Teaming Up to Compete
News In Brief
High Court Questions Reach Of Law on Religious Liberty
For Uncle Sam, a Revised Role in Science and Technology
The Monitor's Guide to Bestsellers: Hardcover Fiction
From Cheap to Sleek, Jelly Shoes Are Making a Comeback
Do-It-Yourself Software Eases Tax-Prep Burden
Tracking Bobby Jo and Her Bottle-Nosed Gang
On the Trail of England's Victorian Literary Ladies