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Monitor Archive for February 13, 1997

The Attraction Of Stability In an Age of Divorce
Of Game Hens and Turtledoves
Finding Love, 1990s Style: Cupid Strikes at the Office
Shuttle Astronauts to Outfit Hubble With New 'Eyes'
Memo to GOP Senators: Uphold a Party Tradition
America's Nimble New Ambassador to the UN
Get Me Rewrite!
Wakened From a Dream
Currents of War in the Kalahari
Travelers Seek Other Options as American Airlines Strike Looms
Wolves as Neighbors: Howls of Praise and Fear
CD Reviews
IRS Computer Fiasco Is Tip Of Software-Glitch Iceberg
Fishermen Aren't Laughing Over Clowns of the Sea
FBI, CIA to Work Closer With Airports to Prevent Terrorism
When It Comes to Hats, You Are What You Wear
'Many Moons' Brings Classical Music Down to Earth for Children
Au Pair Program May Face Tougher Scrutiny
Aid for Family Planning
News In Brief
Out on Video
Old Slave Trade to Americas May Not Have Started Here
What's On
Foreign News Finds Niche on the Net
Paying for Defense
Where African Slavery Still Exists in the Eyes of Many
Scams Snag People New To Capitalism
A Shaper of North Korea Defects, Bringing Secrets
Education for Girls Credited for Drop In Teen Birth Rates in Third World
Work, the Way Henry Sees It