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Monitor Archive for February 12, 1997

Bringing Israel, Syria Back to Negotiating Table
Can Brazil's Planned City Find Room for Samba?
New Coalitions Stir Washington Politics
How Some Young Men Stumbled Into Savagery
Ethics of World's Art Trade Put in Spotlight by TV Sting
Credibility of Latest Probe Hinges On Senate's Ability to Keep It Short
Health Care, Traditional and Alternative
Sustain Global Leadership
Anti-Foreigner Party Leaps to the Fore in France
A New Wave of Elected 'Kings'?
Echoes of Monty Python In This Iranian Sitcom
Director Defends 'The People vs. Larry Flynt'
Inmates Who Do Flex Time
Wandering the Wilderness Of Zaire's Broken Land
An Unexpected Masterpiece
News In Brief
Vail Merges but Keeps Its High-Brow, High-Tech Image
High Noon
'Guess' Again: Not All Apparel Jobs Flee US
As Lawsuits Rise, Companies Use Detectives to Cull Job Applicants
The Home-Cooked Meal He'd Dreamed of for Ages
Carving Up the Slopes With the Ski School at Vail
Where Meetings on Recycling Can Last Until 3 a.m.
Miami: Caught Between Its Pride and Pocketbook
New Portrait Emerges Of First Americans
The Introduction
'Tiger' Nation Looks Hard At Its Stripes
Pakistan's Perils
For Chocolate Makers, the Future Is Both Sweet and Dark
His Eye for the Odd Brings the Work Alive
Should US Embassies Go to Bat for US Businesses?
Classical Dance Joins Hands With Folk in 'Brandenburg'