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Monitor Archive for February 11, 1997

Making Sweets Talk
Don't Blame TV For 'Kids These Days'
Clinton, Lott Hold the Keys To Unlocking a Budget Deal
Arts for Everyone
LAPD Chief's Reelection Is A Test of Police Accountability
Church Groups Supply New Housing for Poor
A Useful First Draft
New York Takes New Course in Running Schools
A Bear's Tale Makes Russian Media's Fur Fly
German Joblessness - Highest Since Hitler - Rattles Europe
You're Worth Something
Hubble Unveils Revolutionary Views
As Uncle Sam Sells Insurance, Critics See 'Corporate Welfare'
A Wake-Up Call to Save the Sea's Shrinking Fish Stocks
As Talks Near, Syria and Israel Circle Each Other
World's Scientists Learn New Ways to Clear Deadly Land Mines
Sweden to Switch Off First Nuclear Plant in 1998
Washington Sharpens Scissors in Another Bid To Cut Medicare Costs
On the Brink
Would Peace With Israel End Assad's Rule?
Sappy or Snappy? Cupids Choose Their Verse
How Well Do You Know Your Presidents?
Hazing Rituals in Military Are Common - and Abusive
If You're Sitting On Cash, Here Are Some Options
High Schoolers Say the Path To a Diploma Is Too Easy
Stay of Executions
Sugary Sayings
News In Brief