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Monitor Archive for December 26, 1997

US vs. Microsoft: A New Cold War For 21st Century?
What's On
It Was a Cold and Stormy Game ...
After Bombing Trials, Unanswered Questions
Getting Lost in My City, and Finding It
Americans Eye the Future
US River Project Polarizes West
It Just Wasn't Christmas Until the Fat Lady Sang
Good Words, Bad Words
Chile's Democracy Dances Around an Ex-Dictator
Storm Sleuths Track West Coast Torrents
Snow in Our Town
America Teaches Rules of War To Ruthless and Their Victims
Casting Paul in a New Light
Visions of Paper Shredders Danced in My Head
Monitor Survey Results: Reader Ratings
Green Bay and Kansas City are Super Bowl Favorites
Latin America Advances, as US Dawdles
News In Brief
Serengeti of the Desert? Saudi Arabia Acts on a Wild Ambition
Reader Favorites
Clinton Has Big Job Selling Congress On Bosnia