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Monitor Archive for December 19, 1997

Filmmaker and Boat Builders Hew Lessons in Human Rights
It Takes a Lot of Rulers to Reach the Moon:
One Mooring in Maine
Pop Culture Jump Starts Debate
The Effect of Prayer
Reviving Main Street America
Micro-radio Poses Big Constitutional Question
The Child-Care Issue
Applying 'Universal Service' to the Net - a US Imperative
World Divide: Haves and Have-Nots
Will War Over Judges Become Permanent?
'Nazi-fied' Serbs May Go Radical
Koreans Bring a Dissident in From Cold as Leader
Freeze Frames: The Monitor Movie Guide
Who Runs N. Ireland? In 3 Cities, Nationalists Do
Religion a Threat to, or Foundation of, Liberty?
To Be, or Not to Be, Tuba
How Public Can Fight Global Warming
Math Chat: Roads, Tennis, and the Sun
Throwing $$ at Schools?
News In Brief
A Gondolier Takes Us To Renaissance Venice
When Holiday Visits Seem More Like Alien Encounters
'Titanic' Surfaces With Hefty Tab and Big Heart
Why Troops Won't Be Coming Home
The Icon and the Enigma: Mandela's Successor Inspires Respect, Not Love
Israel Dodges US Deadline
British Sizzle Over Ban On T-bone Steaks