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Monitor Archive for November 7, 1997

Bob Dylan, Rock's Preeminent Wordsmith, Makes a Comeback
Standoff Gives Saddam Time to Play a Weapons Shell Game
Clinton to Openly Advocate Gay Rights
'Restless Retirees' Help Fill Labor Gap
States Woo Seniors With Savvy Sales Pitches
Central Africa's Lost and Orphaned
N. Korea's Smallest Famine Victims
The Issue Is Fairness
An Educator Becomes the Educated
Debate Over Paying for Presidential Libraries
How Emotion Plays Out in US Courtrooms
Abortion Litmus Test Eases for GOP Candidates
Mobile Retirees Have More Than Florida On Their Minds
Pathfinder's Legacy
New Zealand Politics: a Woman's Place
Painting The Town With Picasso
Freeze Frames: The Monitor Movie Guide
Make a Checklist When Pondering a Move
Needed: a New Approach to US Violence
How to Paralyze Action in Congress
I Sought Napoleon, But Found Revere
New Zealand's Eco-Myth
News In Brief
Communists' Milestones
Private Enterprise Moves Slowly to Reshape Battered Bosnia
Stale Metal Money Needs New Mint Freshness
You Can Be Safe!
French Truckers' Strike Frustrates EU Partners