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Monitor Archive for November 12, 1997

Economic Slump Threatens Korea
Clear Out the Clutter - Make Room for Order
U-2 Planes - Veterans at Peering Behind Enemy Lines
Glamour Duck Achieves Stardom On Wildlife Stamp
A Searing Account Of a Latin Revolutionary
Ardent Foe Takes On China Dam
In 'Mirror' of Au Pair Case, Families See Themselves
Looking for the Real Amazon: Gators, Snakes, and All
Battle Set Over Who Will Be Europe's Greenspan
India's E-mail Evangelist Hopes to Win Converts to Internet
Terrorism on Trial
Can One US Fence Hold Two Foes?
News In Brief
Conspiracy Theories Grow Over Killing of Israeli Leader
Fast-Track Loss Exposes Democrats' Divide
BBC News Channel Goes 24 Hours a Day
Researchers Spying On Invisible Clouds
The Stone Mason
How a Mathematician Finally Solved a 300-Year-Old Enigma
Tribe May Be Flooded by Progress
Asian Business Faces the Unthinkable: Chapter 11
Why the US Should Moderate Its View of Indonesia
After the Nobel Peace Prize
Three's a Crowd at London's Royal Opera House
A Self-Contained Cosmos, Travel Size
Stand Firm on Iraq
Japan as Full-Fledged Ally
A Passion for Paper Prompts a Two-Sided Life