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Monitor Archive for October 31, 1997

Out on Video
Octavius Bagshot: The Man Behind the Jingle
Runner's World
More Shades of Faces Pop Up on Prime Time
US Seeks to Halt Flow Of Illegal Gun Imports
Mom Hangs Up the Candy Sack
'Star Wars' Exhibit Aims to Inspire Love of Science
Math Chat: Halloween Card Games And Spinning Sprinklers
Life in a War Zone: African Capital Struggles On
Preaching Love in the Face of Adversity
News In Brief
Hollywood's Newest Star: Tibet
Why Small Investors Grin and Bear It
China's Crusade Against Christians: No Change
Houston Defines Next Step in US Antibias Debate
Human Rights in the Back Seat During Summit
Happier Quebec
Halloween Gears Up for More Grown-Ups
Stop Domestic Violence
Mayor Who Quashed Crime Tries Hand at Curbing Drugs
Great Books, Great Discussion: A Timelessly Great Idea
The Piercing Truth: I Want My Ears Intact
Kids Adrift in a Media World
Family Movie Guide
Asia Rebuts West's Idea Of Reform
Attempt to Starve Out Opposition May Hamper Hopes for Peace
Rank-and-File Aim at Friendship
Campaign Funding Too Unseemly For Presidential Testimony
Evening Walk Under a Curtain of Light