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Monitor Archive for October 30, 1997

Early Fiction of Sinclair Lewis Still Resonates Today
Row Erupts in Britain Over Ensuring Civil Rights
A Roll Through The Railroad's History
Chinese Artist Bridges Sino-US Cultural Divide
Basketball Coach Pete Carril Comfortable in His 'New' Career
Define Yourself - Spiritually
Women Spur N. Ireland Talks
Indian Orphanage: The Journey Out
What's On
Children Need a Family
Jordan Doubts Its King
Monitor Readers Share Their Recipes
Greenhouse Gas Plan Faces GOP Red Light
Land of 'Valley-Speak' Seeks To Secede From L.A., for Sure
CD Reviews
China Eyes US Military In S. Pacific
Career of a Photography Pioneer
US Warms To Hockey's Ice Queens
A Tough Buy: Child-Woven Carpets
The Teamsters' Trials
It's Important to Recognize the Good in China's Changes
One Man's Crusade to Heal Illiteracy Ills
Futuristic Coming-of-Age Stories
What's the Latest Buzz in the NBA?
The Many Flavors of US Architecture
Nuclear Deal Tightens US-China Ties
US-China Summit: Photo-Op Diplomacy
Class Warfare in Turn-of-the-Century Idaho
Readers Recollect Memorable Halloween
News In Brief
Story of Lewis & Clark Provokes Imagination
Listen Up
Suspects, Convicts See Rights Recede
On Six CDs, Music That Inspired 1960s Folk Revival